Paste a direct link to the web page restricted with survey below.

Supports almost every type of offer surveys

  • Any content-locked websites
  • TinyFilesHost
  • Gameshost
  • Yotafiles
  • Filefist
  • Rapidgator
  • Dollarupload
  • GetFilesFrom
  • Bit
  • Adfly
  • ReliableFiles
  • SureFile
  • FileIce
  • HqLoadz
  • Asdfiles
  • CloudFile
  • FileSpeedr
  • GetMyFile
  • Swiftdownload

About the surveys

Many websites that offer some rare and desirable services ostensibly 'free', are really locked with surveys and offers which you need to complete to proceed. They are often not free and will cost you money, but worry not! Our easy tool is an efficiently filter for these surveys.

How does it work?

Our tool detects the survey and deletes every survey that has been marked as paid or hard to complete. Only easy to complete or free ones will be left for you and completion of one of them will be not a problem for you. Check it yourself. Please note that our service is still in BETA - that means, that there is a possibility of occurance of a bugs, however it shouldn't be serious ones. If you have discovered a bug, feel free to contact us. We will try to fix that as soon as possible and provide you better quality of our service. If you want to know more, check out the About subpage.

Latest comments

MortVent(1 hour ago)

@ST753 it's because it only deletes paid surveys and free ones are left... It's impossible to bypass it in 100%

ST753(1 hour ago)

There are surveys anyway.... why?!

Pizzagirl(3 hours ago)

thank you, worked like a charm I got some easy surveys that took me less than one minute

FaultyJester34(4 hours ago)


Ahmed Zadira(4 hours ago)


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